Lancaster County SPCA
848 South Prince Street
Lancaster, PA 17603
(717) 917-6979

Animal Adoptions

Available Animals

Due to limited staffing we are not always able to update the animals immediately, so we recommend you stop by the shelter to see what is available on a day to day basis.

Dog Adoption Fees:
9 months and under $195
10 months through 7 years $150
8 years and older $65
** VIPs $300

** LCSPCA asks a higher adoption fee for our Very Important Pets (VIPs). These dogs are selected on their high adoptability and are often adopted within minutes of being available. Breed, size, age, and other factors are considered when selecting VIPs. It is the mission of these highly desirable pets to leave a financial legacy to care for the animals who take longer to get adopted, such as our senior pets, and for those that may need extensive medical care.

 Cat Adoption Fees:
6 months and under $95
7 months through 5 years $70
6 years or older $40

Small Animal Adoption Fees:
Ferrets - $35 
Lizards/Snakes - by species
Iguanas - $30
Hamsters/Gerbils - $5
Domestic Rats - $5
Chinchillas - $25
Rabbits - $10
Guinea Pigs - $5
Parakeets - $5
Cockatiels - $15
Other birds - by breed


Cat and Dog Adoption fees include:   

  • Free complimentary follow-up exam at participating Vets
  • Complimentary adoption starter package
  • Spaying or Neutering
  • First Vaccinations  (booster shots may be needed - low-cost boosters available at SPCA)
  • Deworming medication
  • Microchip included for dogs and cats
Out of State Adoptions

We do allow out of state adoptions.  If you live outside the state of Pennsylvania and would like to adopt one of our animals, please email us at
with the subject line "Out of State Adoption." All transport arrangements and fees will be the responsibility of the adopter.